IMOM Financial Aid

IMOM is staffed completely by volunteers. In general, our volunteers attempt to be available Monday through Saturday, though specific times are not guaranteed. IMOM volunteers are not available on Sunday or holidays.

Step 1 - Join our community

*Note* -- If your pet is in immediate danger you may skip this step until you have completed the rest of the process.

One of IMOM's requirements for financial aid is that you become a member of our online community.  The community is where the majority of our fundraising is accomplished. 

The purpose of our online community is not only for fundraising but a place for people who truly understand the bond between people and their pet/s. There is not one member there who does not understand your devotion to your best friend -- your pet.

By joining the community and introducing yourself you are giving the rest of the community a heads up that you and your pet need some help.  Almost immediately you will start to get the emotional support you need.  No one will ever tell you, "it's just an animal".

Oh! And did I mention that $1.25 million has been donated to IMOM from our community members since 1998 to help our pets in need?  If your application is approved and you become very active in the community there is a very good chance that we can raise the money needed to help your pet.

When your pet has gotten the care they need you will be asked to write a testimonial in the community.

Tutorials and instructions

You will find tutorials and instructions posted in the community if you need help.

If you click on the image below it will take you to the community leaving this page open so you can pick up where you left off.

Join our community

Step 2