IMOM Financial Aid

Step 3 - Do you qualify for financial aid?

IMOM cannot help everyone who comes to us. It is difficult to have to turn anyone away but there are times when we have to. First and foremost please keep in mind that IMOM can only help qualified applicants and only with non-routine veterinary care.

It will save everyone a great deal of time if you determine whether or not you qualify for financial aid from IMOM before you go any further.

You do not qualify for financial aid from IMOM if any of the following apply:

Your pet has already been treated and you have an outstanding bill you'd like help in paying.

You or your veterinarian did not complete IMOM's application process, or were not approved, prior to your pet receiving treatment.

You do not have daily access to the internet and email.  IMOM is 100% Internet based. If you do not have daily access we are not able to communicate with you.

You have applied for Care Credit and been approved for the entire amount needed.

(Does not apply to rescue groups)

You could have your pet treated and pay the bill but it would place a financial burden on you.

You need financial aid for routine care such as spay/neuter, vaccines, heartworm preventative, routine office visit, etc.

IMOM does have a separate program for financial aid to have your pet spayed and neutered. Click here

Your pet is currently at the vet and you need money to pay the bill so they will release him/her.

The bill has already been paid and you would like IMOM to reimburse you or the person who paid it.

Your veterinarian is not willing to accept payment by check from IMOM after your pet is treated and an itemized bill has been sent to IMOM.

Your veterinarian requires a deposit from IMOM.

Your veterinarian has told you there is only a possibility that your pet will need this non-routine care.

Your veterinarian has agreed to work with you on a payment plan.

Your pet is not spayed or neutered and you do not agree to have them spayed or neutered.

You have received financial aid from IMOM in the past. (Exceptions are made for rescue organizations who may apply once a year).

You already have a pet on the site who is receiving financial aid.

You breed animals.

You are NOT willing to provide IMOM with proof of income or other documents that may be required. (Does not apply to rescue groups).

Your pet needs expensive testing to determine a diagnosis.

You are requesting financial aid for elective surgery. Elective surgery is defined as follows:

Surgery that is not essential, especially surgery that is not required for survival. An example would be age related or diabetic cataracts.

Your pet has been diagnosed with cancer. IMOM is unable to help with cancer treatment.

Your pet needs orthopedic surgery. IMOM can only help with orthopedic surgery if the need for surgery is the result of an accident.  IMOM cannot help if the need for surgery is for something genetic.

Your pet has been diagnosed with a chronic illness and will require ongoing care. Click here to learn more about pets with chronic illnesses.

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